Yogurt Maker Reviews and Shopping Guide 2020

Yogurt has gotten a lot more attention the past few years because of the health benefits including the nutrients that are found in dairy products. Yogurt contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B-12, and vitamin B2, plus the probiotics, which are the good bacteria which helps the digestive system process food. There are a lot of brands and flavors of yogurt on the market, but when consumers don’t really know the ingredients of these “store-bought” brands, it’s a good idea for consumers to make their own yogurt. There are many brands on the market that are great for making home-made yogurt. Some yogurt maker reviews:

Product Rating Price
Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker4.3/5$
Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling4.1/5$$
Dash Greek Yogurt Maker4.3/5$
Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker4.5/5$
Gourmia GYM1620 Digital Yogurt Maker4.3/5$

Features of the Best Yogurt Maker

With the many models of yogurt makers on the market, it’s best to know which features to look for in order to select the best model. Some of the features of the top yogurt makers to consider are as follows:

  • Auto Shut-Off – For more efficiency, a model with an auto shut-off is preferable to prevent the yogurt from being over or under cooked, and it requires less supervision.
  • Budget – Most models of yogurt makers are somewhat inexpensive and will pay for themselves after just a few batches.
  • Capacity – Sizes range from a single serve model to a large style that can produce enough yogurt for the entire family. If the goal is to have fresh yogurt daily, the larger size should be considered.
  • Date Setting Lids – This is a handy feature to identify the date the yogurt was produced.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Models which are dishwasher safe should be considered for ease of cleaning, and the stainless steel models are easier to clean.
  • Manual or Electric – Depending on how much attention the consumer wants to give to the yogurt maker, the biggest decision is whether to purchase a manual or electric model. The advantage of the electric models is the timer and temperature control, which maintains the temperature throughout the process and alerts the consumer when the yogurt is done. Manual models require a lot more attention on timing and temperature.
  • Materials – Look at the materials used to make the yogurt maker. Generally larger models are designed with a plastic tub, but these need to be BPA-free to prevent harmful chemicals from leaking into the yogurt. The single-serve models are generally made with a glass jar, which can break, but toxic chemicals can’t leak into the yogurt with glass. Look for models with a stainless steel exterior for durability.
  • Multiple Glasses – For those who prefer a better variety of flavors in the yogurt, look for models with multiple containers so that different flavors can be made at the same time.
  • Thermometer – For the fermentation process to be precise, the temperature must be at a specific setting to know when to add the yogurt starter.

Top 5 Yogurt Maker Models

There are a variety of yogurt makers on the market which do an excellent job of processing milk into yogurt for the best flavor and health benefits. The following models are highly recommended:

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

yogurt maker reviewsThis model contains seven six-ounce containers made of glass allowing different flavors of yogurt to be made simultaneously. Since they are glass, they are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The easy to use timer alerts the consumer to mark the time when the yogurt has finished cooking. The on/off button comes with an easy to see indicator light. This model weighs one pound and measures 9.5×9.5×6 inches.

Customer loved this because it’s easy to make multiple yogurt flavors simultaneously, with excellent results. It’s very easy to clean. The indicator light is very easy to see and the audible timer alerts are a great feature on this model.

The main complaint from customers is that the directions are difficult to understand.

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Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling

best yogurt makerThis Cuisinart model has a 50-ounce container allowing up to six eight-ounce servings to be made at the same time. It comes with a digital timer to set the fermenting time and an integrated cooling system that automatically changes to the desired chilling temperature. It’s easy to operate with easy to understand off and on buttons. It weighs six pounds and measures 9.8×7.1×9.9 inches.

Customers liked this model because it is extremely easy to use and to clean, and that it makes large batches of very good yogurt in various flavors.

The main complaint is that their customer service is very difficult get in touch with and it takes a long time to get them to respond for replacement parts.

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Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

Dash Greek Yogurt MakerThis is a larger yogurt maker, and it is included in our yogurt maker reviews because it makes up to two quarts, and it comes with two BPA-free containers with the lid and the Greek strainer. The LCD display has an easy to see and use timer, and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The cord conveniently stores in the base of the unit. This model weighs 2.4 pounds and measures 7.1×7.1×9.5 inches.

Customers love this model because it makes the batches of yogurt consistently every time, and it is high quality and durable. In addition it is very easy to clean and it is durable. They stated the LCD display is easily seen.

Several customers stated it was broken upon arrival because of poor packing during shipping.

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Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker

Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt MakerThis model comes with seven six-ounce glass jars with lids to set the date, and an LED digital time providing an audible beep when the yogurt is done. It is also equipped with an automatic shut off to ensure it doesn’t overcook or undercook the yogurt. The glass jars are easily cleaned in the dishwasher. This model weighs four pounds and measures 12x12x8 inches.

The customers really liked this model because it makes great yogurt in various flavors and it is very easy to clean and use. The LED digital timer is easy to set and they like the audible beep indicating the yogurt is ready.

Some customers stated that the yogurt comes out too watery in this particular model.

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Gourmia GYM1620 Digital Yogurt Maker

Gourmia GYM1620This model comes with seven glass gars containing six ounces for assorted flavors. The stainless steel frame is very easy to clean. It also has a digital time and an easy to use automatic shut off when the yogurt is done. It is also available with 12 jars, and they are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. This model measures 10.2×10.2×5.8 inches and weighs 4.1 pounds.

Customers loved this model because multiple flavors can be made at one time and it’s very easy to use and it makes the best tasting yogurt. The automatic shut off is very handy to allow the yogurt to cook overnight and it still comes out perfect.

Some customers complained that the thermostat was not accurate.

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Most families are on a budget, and it gets very expensive to purchase dozens of containers of different flavors to suit everyone’s taste buds. One great solution to the yogurt/budget dilemma is a yogurt machine. There are models which have automatic timers and shut off to ensure that the yogurt is cooked for the exact amount of time required to make it perfect. There are models which have multiple containers for different flavors of yogurt, so that each person can have their favorite flavor. There are models available for just about any budget that will still make great tasting yogurt that is healthy and with no chemicals.

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