What To Serve With Coconut Shrimp

Coconut shrimps are one of the most common starters for the parties. But confusion seeps in when you don’t know what to serve with coconut shrimp? Well, the simple answer is that you can choose to serve it as innovatively as you wish. Perhaps, you can serve it as a finger food, with or without side dishes. Else, you can serve it with a dip, side dish or drink.

As finger food: To serve it as finger food, you would need to bread it with coconut flakes, egg and breadcrumbs and then bake it or deep fry it for a crispy and crunchy taste. Thanks to the coconut flavour, your coconut shrimp will taste a little sweet. Eat it as it is or make a dip or side dish to go with it.

With a dip: Your coconut shrimp needs to be dipped into a sauce for that extra tingly taste. You can try making a sweet or a savoury dip. Here are some options: Mix together lemon and finely chopped mangoes or serve it with lime or chilli sauce. For a creamy texture, go with a buttermilk dressing.

Yet another option is pineapple salsa adds up. Serve it with a light mustard and honey sauce and make it creamy and rich. To bring an Asian flavour to your table, add lime juice, or ginger-garlic with soy sauce. Marmalade dipping sauce, sweet and sour sauce, tartar sauce, red curry sauce, duck sauce, apricot sauce or a salad with citrus fruit segments.

With drinks: Fortunately, there are certain drinks like tropical ones that go well with coconut shrimp. These include Pina Colada, daiquiris and mojitos and are just right for adults. Children could be given non-alcoholic drinks like flavoured juices, fruit smoothies, ice teas and skewer orange slices. These could be made more attractive with paper cocktail umbrellas.

With a side dish: You can pair coconut shrimp with a light side dish because a heavy one will subdue its natural taste. The flavour of coconut shrimp may also be undermined by creamy side dishes, so be wary of them. To bring out the fish’s natural flavour, go with a fresh green salad with grilled veggies or Caesar dressing and seasoning mix. Top it with grilled pineapple or just a generous scoop of ice cream.

Here are some more side dishes to serve with coconut shrimp for you to consider:

  1. Pasta: Rice-shaped pasta, cooked in onion, chicken soup, mushrooms, onion and garlic work well with coconut shrimp. Cream sauce added to this increases the overall taste. Macaroni, mayo, chopped celery and pimento also taste delicious. If you want to stay simple, choose Mac and cheese or add crumbled bacon and spring onions.
  2. Rice: For a main dish, tropical rice with coconut shrimp and garnished lemon wedges go wonderfully well. Alternatively, coconut shrimp with plain white rice or improve the taste by adding tomatoes, herbs spices and nuts.

With risotto, you get a creamy texture, but with grass grain or wild grass, the dish only looks more appealing. Add mushrooms and shallots, if you prefer.

  1. Potato: As a side dish to coconut shrimp, you can always have French fries or even baked potatoes. To bring out the taste of the coconut shrimp, you might like to add some cheddar cheese, green onions, bacon or sour cream. Toss the French fries in oregano, thyme or basil, garlic salt or onion.

You can also serve cheesy potatoes, hash browns, mashed potatoes or potato salad. With hash browns, serve sour cream, cheddar cheese or cream of mushroom soup.

  1. Vegetables: With vegetables, you can’t go wrong. Serve them hot or cold, fresh or frozen, they make a healthy option with your coconut shrimp. Make your own salad using tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet onion and salad dressing. Coleslaw is another good option.


If none of the above are appealing enough, use your imagination and love for cooking and come up with something unusual. We’re sure your guests will love whatever you serve with coconut shrimp.

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