Best Long Slot Toaster Review and Shopping Guide

A tasty couple of slices of toast first thing in the morning is a great start to the day.  Add some great apple preserves or grape jelly – and it’s even better.  The selection of toast is certainly the most important part of this recipe; whether it’s sour dough, whole grain, pumpernickel, or just plain white bread, it’s that extra touch to a great breakfast.  This article is going to take a look at some of the long slot toasters on the market and help everyone find out which is the best long slot toaster for their needs.

Looking for a Long Slot Toaster

Getting the bread to toast is easy – with the right toaster, but too many toasters have slots, which are too small to toast both ends of the longer slices of bread.   Put a long piece of sourdough bread in a regular toaster, and because it can’t fit lengthwise, the piece of bread has to be put in on one end – leaving the other one-third of the slice sticking out of the toaster.  That means once the other end is done, the slide has to be flipped so that the untoasted end is now toasting; oftentimes, resulting in the middle section of the bread getting too browned, or burned.  Or it’s taken out before the toasting is completed and flipped, still resulting in the middle section getting toasted more than the ends of the bread. That’s why the long slot toasters are the best solution to making great, equally browned toast.

Best Features in a Long Slot Toaster

Even though a toaster is probably the easiest kitchen appliance for anyone to use, there are some features that consumers should look for when selecting a toaster.  Some have more advanced features than others, and some are far more impressive in their newest features; however, there are some basic features that make all the difference in making perfectly browned toast.

Some of the basic features include:

  • Cool Exterior – this doesn’t mean the toaster “looks cool” (although good looks are important), it means it doesn’t burn fingers when touching the outside of the appliance while it is cooking.
  • Crumb tray– make sure to get a toaster with a crumb tray that is easy to slide in and out to easily empty the crumbs.  Keeping it clean also helps prevent bugs (such as roaches) from having a feast around the kitchen.
  • Ease ofuse– in most cases, the easier the better.  Put the bread in, set the desired level of brownness desired, drop the slot, and the automatic timer lifts the bread out when it is done.
  • Easy to clean– the best one to look for ones are with an exterior that is easy to clean and has no sharp edged that would scrape, or mar, the kitchen countertop.
  • Dual Controls– if a four slice toaster is selected, make sure there are dual controls so that two different toasting cycles are available.  This is particularly useful when toasting different types of bread.
  • Multiple Settings – it should have at least five settings of brownness on the controls for better selection.
  • Physical Size– since most people leave their toaster on the kitchen counter, it should not take up too much space on the countertop, and should be light enough to be easily moved.
  • Slot size – the chamber should be wide and long enough to insert many types of bread in various sizes and shapes.
  • Two or four slices– this is probably the easiest feature to identify, and even with that choice, there are features in both types that need to be considered.

Some of the more advanced features include:

  • Audio alerts– some of the best models provide a beep, or tone, to indicate the toast is finished.
  • Cancel button – some models feature a cancel button which stops the cooking and raises the bread (very helpful for those who forget to look at the cooking level selected) before it gets too browned.
  • Defrost – a great feature of may models is to defrost the bread straight out of the freezer, although it adds times to the toasting for thawing the bread.
  • Glass sided– some models have glass sides so that it’s easy to see how browned the toast has gotten.  It’s also convenient for cleaning when you can see the crumbs piling up in the crumb tray (for those who forget to empty the crumb tray on a regular basis).
  • Height lift – there are also models with a height lift which allows smaller items to be raised above the top of the slot to more easily pick it out.
  • LED Progress indicator– some long slot models provide a countdown on the timer to indicate the amount of time left for toasting the bread.
  • Lift and Look – for those who are the pickiest of toast connoisseurs, this feature allows the toast to be slowly raised and lowered to check out the level of brownness.
  • Motorized lift– look for the models with a motorized lift that gently raises the bread out of the toaster instead of popping it out.
  • Reheat – some models have a reheat feature that reheats the bread without further toasting when it wasn’t taken out of the slot at the time it finished cooking the bread

Five Highest Rated Toasters

With the hundreds of models of toasters on the market today, below are descriptions of the highest rated models:

Cuisinart CPT-2400 The Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-2400Some great features of Cuisinart’s Bakery Artisan two-slot Toaster include the extra-large dual slots, and the ability to toast multiple types of bread, such as bagels, and larger artisan types of bread.  It can defrost and reheat, and it has six brownness shades.

The pull out crumb tray is very convenient, and the chrome housing is easy to clean.    This model weighs six pounds and measures 16.2x by 8.8 by 8.5 inches.

Customers who loved this long slot model stated that it’s easy to use, and works great with the thicker slices of artisan bread and thick bagels and provides consistent browning levels.

Several customers did not like the very short cord on this model.

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Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster

Best Long Slot ToasterBreville has an excellent four-slice long slot smart toaster has advanced features.  It can defrost and reheat the toast, it has dual controls, a lift and look function, one touch auto lowering, an LED panel, and five levels of browning control.  It features an end-of-cycle beep providing an alert that the toast is cooked.

It has a brushed die-cast metal housing for easy cleaning.  This model weighs 9.48 pounds and measure 13.2 by 13.2 by 9.2 inches.

Consumers loved this model because the toast is evenly browned and the stainless steel is easy clean.  The advanced features are great as well.

Some complaints were that the model didn’t work more than a year.

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KRUPS KH732D Breakfast Set 2-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing

KRUPS KH732DWhen looking for a two-slot Toaster, the Krups KH732D has slots which are extra-large, self-centering slots, with a high-lift lever which allows easier removal of small slices of bread.  It features defrost and reheat settings, and has six levels of brownness controls to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

The brushed-chrome stainless steel exterior is easy to clean.  This model weighs 3.27 pounds and measures 13.2 by 8.5 by 8.6 inches.

Customers loved the slot sizes for cooking long slices of artisan bread or wider sliced bagels, while attaining equally browned sides of the length or width of the bread.

Some customers complained that the toasting was uneven and difficult to get the desired toasted level.

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KitchenAid KMT4116CU 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster with High Lift Lever

KitchenAid KMT4116CUAt first glance this appears to be a two-slice toaster; however, two slices of bread easily fits in one slot, and the slots are long and extra wide.  There are seven shade settings, along with reheat, defrost, and keep warm features.

The high lift leaver makes it easier to get the toast out of the slot.  The removable crumb tray and chrome exterior is easily cleaned.  This model weighs just over six pounds and measures 16.5 by 7.7 by 8 inches.

Customers really liked cooking the long thick sourdough bread evenly and seven shade settings allowing easier control of browning.

Some customers complained that the edges were burned even though the bread was evenly cooked.

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Oster TSSTTR6330-NP 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster, Stainless Steel

Oster TSSTTR6330-NPThis Oster toaster has two long slots which easily accommodate two slices of bread side-by-side; long enough for artisan bread and extra-wide for thick sliced breads and bagels.  It has dual adjusting bread guide which automatically detect the bread thickness to provide even toasting.

It has seven shade settings and a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.  The chrome exterior is very easy to clean.  This model weighs just under five  pounds.  This model measures 16 by 6.5 by 7.5 inches.

Customers loved the sleek look of this model, the long slots, and the auto-adjust features to accommodate bread thickness.

Some customers found the browning dial to be difficult to set to the right browning level.

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With so many toasters on the market today, it’s easy to find out the best long slot toaster for your needs – one that accommodates the longer slices of artisan bread and the thicker slices of sourdough bread, yet toasts it evenly to perfection.  The newest features of these models include audible alerts when the toast is cooked, multiple levels of browning settings, auto-lift for easy extraction, LED indicators to show progress of the cooking, and many other very convenient advanced characteristics.

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