Best Chinese Cleaver – Buying Guide And Reviews 2020

So you are looking for the best Chinese cleavers? Well, Chinese cleavers are a special type of kitchen knives that are suitable for a full range of kitchen functions. But what sets them apart from other kitchen knives is that they work great for tasks that call for precision and accuracy.

These knives are exceptionally sharp, versatile, durable, slip resistant, and has a stable grip. Unlike your generic kitchen knives, the best Chinese cleavers are made of superior stainless steel and are designed to provide unmatched performance.

Quick Comparison of the Chinese Cleavers

JapanBargain Japanese Chinese Style Kitchen Chopping Knife4.1/5$
TUO Cutlery Fiery Series Heavy Duty -chopper-cleaver Knife4.6/5$
ZELITE INFINITY Cleaver Knife4.8/5$
Vegetable Japanese Chef Knife - 7Inch by TradaFor4.7/5$
Chefs Knife Kitchen Premium4.9/5$

Features to look for when buying the best Chinese cleaver

When looking for the right Chinese cleaver, you have to check several features that include:

  • Material used which includes the blade and the handle

The best cleavers make use of the best carbon steel and highly-durable alloys.

  • Blade length and weight

Chinese cleavers can range from seven to eleven inches. There is no recommended length or weight. It basically depends on your preference and working style.

  • Construction

Cleavers with a full tang are best as they offer the greatest edge stability, balance and strength. You can also read through the construction process, how the metal was hardened and sharpened.

5 Best Chinese Cleavers For You To Check This 2018

JapanBargain Japanese Chinese Style Kitchen Chopping Knife

best Chinese cleaverWe’ve included the JapanBargain Japanese Chinese Style Knife in our review of the best Chinese cleaver because it can make food preparation fun and easier. Its ergonomic wooden handle ensures a comfortable and stable grip so that you can work on any food product with ease. The 7-inch, high-carbon stainless steel blade is guaranteed sharp and durable. Engraved on the sharp blade are Japanese characters giving this cleaver that genuine Asian feels. The wooden handle is not only ergonomic, it is also aesthetic as it is made of Japanese oak wood that gives it a classical and traditional feel. It also comes with a special, durable sheath for easy storage. But probably the best feature that the JapanBargain Japanese Chinese cleaver has is its self-sharpening design which means you won’t have to worry about its cutting performance for a long time.

While this Chinese cleaver mostly gets positive reviews, some users have pointed out a couple of disadvantages. First, there is the risk of detachment from the handle since the blade is not a single unit. And the other is the possibility of wood rot and rusting if the knife is stored with moisture.

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TUO Cutlery Fiery Series Heavy Duty -chopper-cleaver Knife

TUO Cutlery Fiery Series cleaver knifebest Chinese cleaverOne of the nicest looking cleavers on this list, the TUO Cutlery Fiery Series is considered one of the best in the market today. Its semi-rectangular blade is fixed onto a beautifully carved wooden handle that gives it a rustic look. Aesthetically, the TUO Cutlery Fiery Series is a big hit!

But this Chinese cleaver is more than just good looks; it is also very reliable and durable. Made of high-carbon German steel, you are assured of its durability and quality. Add to that, it is designed to last a long time without the need for constant sharpening and alignment. Further, the handle is carefully designed to ensure it is user-friendly and ergonomic.

However good it looks like, it does have some drawbacks as some users point out. Be ready to manually do aftercare as this is not dishwasher safe. It also requires proper storage especially that its handle is made of wood which may be prone to chipping, rotting as well as getting dents or scratches.

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Work like a professional chef while you prep your foods with the Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife. This 7-inch multipurpose Chinese cleaver is perfect for all kitchen needs such as chopping, cutting, de-boning, and slicing. It can be used for thick meats, cutting through bony cartilages, whole chickens, vegetables and so much more. This cleaver is made of high-carbon stainless-steel that is guaranteed razor sharp, corrosion and stain resistant. Its superior edge retention ensures that you won’t need to re-sharpen it every now and then. It is a full-tang so you won’t worry about it getting detached from the handle. It also comes with a good packaging that also makes storage a lot easier. It’s black, rounded handle is polished to create a mirror finish and is also very ergonomic.

It basically gets perfect five-star reviews from its users. Impressively, there are hardly any negative comments or drawbacks to this one. So, whether you are a pro, a novice or a newbie, this Chinese cleaver is certainly a good pick!

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Vegetable Japanese Chef Knife – 7Inch by TradaFor

This Usuba knife from TradaFor showcases that authentic, Japanese-style cleaver allowing it to be used for a range of purposes such as cutting, slicing and cleaving different food products. What makes it able to do all these is its thinner yet superior blade (Usuba literally means “thin blade”.) It is thinner than other cleaver and as such is able to cut even through delicate vegetables without damaging it in the process. Its blade is made of high-carbon German single beveled blade which is rust resistant and very durable. The blade is complemented by its handle which is made of Pakkawood which guarantees durability, luxurious look, moisture-resistant, and stable dimensions. The handle is designed ergonomically for ease of use and convenience.

A quick read through the reviews, you’ll be impressed at the generally positive remarks. Perhaps, the only drawback with these kinds of knives is that they can’t be cleaned using the dishwasher. Well, that’s probably a pretty easy task.

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Chefs Knife Kitchen Premium

When east meets west, this is what White Cook Company does with this Chef’s Knife Kitchen Premium. This knife incorporates the Japanese knife tradition, known for its superior quality and durable materials, and the European form, known for its ergonomics and versatility. As a result, you get one of the best Chinese cleavers that is perfect for any food product (meat, vegetable, and others), any user (whether you are left- or right-handed), and any function (cutting, slicing, chopping, etc.)

The proper sharpening and hardening process it went through during its production ensures that the blade has one of best cutting properties. To complement its highly durable and rust-free blade, this knife comes with Pakkawood that is not only aesthetically appealing but also very durable. One downside with this kitchen knife is that it costs a little more than other knives.

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As a final note: when buying kitchen knives, you have to separate Chinese cleavers from other knives. The best Chinese cleaver is designed for delicate cutting or slicing and thus should not be compared to other knives which are meant for brute work. These knives are about ease and precision, perfect for cutting or slicing soft or delicate items. With the five kitchen models we’ve reviewed, hopefully, you get the best one that suits your budget and kitchen needs.

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