7 Best Panini Press Reviews 2020

There may be countless sandwich recipes out there but you can easily classify them into two – it can either be something you just want to eat or something you crave to eat. For sure Panini (Italian-style sandwich) falls in the latter. This article will help you find out which is the best panini press available on the market that suits your need.

Stuffed with melted cheese and other delectable ingredients and with perfectly golden brown crust, Panini surely wins when compared to the all-too-common un-grilled sandwich. But you can turn your regular sandwich into a scrumptious, gooey and warm meal if you’ve got a good Panini press in your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker4.3/5$
Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Black Dials4.4/5$$
Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press4.6/5$$
Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, Brushed Stainless4.4/5$$$
George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill4.1/5$$
George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press GRP472P4.1/5$
T-fal SW6100 EZ panini press4.1/5$

What is a panini press?

A panini press is a contact grill that is typically used to apply pressure on either sides of a sandwich or panini as you toast it. It has ribbed plates on top and beneath which gives your food an even toasting and perfect “grill” marks.

But a panini press is not just for making delicious sandwiches, many multi-function models can be used for grilling as well as making mini-cakes or waffles with so much ease. Due to its versatility, it is not surprising why many households here in the United States own a panini press!

What are the features to look for when buying it?

If you’re also planning to own the best one, be sure to know what features to look for and determine if the panini press suits your preferences.

Hinge Type

Sometimes you’ll want to create a tall panini other times you’ll just want a quick pressed sandwich. You need a panini press that can cook the sandwich you intend to create! For that you want a panini press with a floating hinge that will allow you to close the press at different heights.

Adjustable Thermostat

The best panini press models feature an adjustable thermostat. This feature is important as it will allow you to provide just the right amount of heat and type of grill to the food. For example, burger requires full grill at high temperature while a panini would just need low heat.

Surface Area

The surface area of the should depend on what you will likely cook or how many paninis you want to cook simultaneously. Some may prefer a panini press with smaller surface areas while others may need the wider ones.

Removable Plates

It is not uncommon for the fillings of your sandwich to drip or the juices of the grilled meat to ooze out. Cleaning it up for the next set of paninis would be easier if the plates are removable. Removable plates can make your job easier.


You want a panini press that anyone can use (even someone without any kitchen skills) with ease and no need for lengthy practice. Choose a panini press that just requires simple click of the button.


We all live a busy life so you want a panini press that will save you time. Some great panini press models are equipped with two-sided split grills. These grills allow you to cook several recipes at once! Isn’t that best?


Product warranty is an assurance from its maker that the product will work as it should. It also guarantees that the panini press does not have any manufacturing defects. Usually, the longer the warranty, the better, as it shows that the manufacturer is confident of the quality and durability of the panini press.


Choose a panini press that is versatile and offers multi-function features. Some other functions of the best panini press include grilling, and waffle- and cake-making.

Safety Features

Make sure your panini press have adequate safety features to avoid any injuries such as burns as well as possible fire. Top-rated panini presses are equipped with insulated handles that let you use it even without towel or mitt.

Now that you what features to look for in finding the best panini press, let’s review some of the top-rated panini press for 2018.

7 Best Panini Press 2018

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini PressCreate your own delicious Italian paninis and quesadillas right at your own kitchen with the Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker. This high quality panini press gets good reviews from users for a number of reasons. It is easy to use, clean and store. Moreover, it doesn’t have complicated settings and equipment.

The locking mechanism makes storage and handling easier. It has an adjustable hinge that lets you cook paninis and other recipes with varying thickness. When not in use, you can store this kitchen equipment upright thus lesser space requirement. But probably the best thing about this is that it costs relatively less than other models. All these make this top-rated panini press the best addition to your kitchen!

Perhaps, the only thing you’ll have to contend with is that the plates are not removable. Cleaning in between sets of paninis might be a hassle.

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Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Black Dials

best Panini pressIf you’re looking for something versatile with multiple functions, then the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler should be on top of your list. It’s not just made to cook paninis it can whip up any recipes such as pancakes and waffles. Plus, it has reversible griddle plates for multiple cooking options.

The Cuisinart GR-4N features five cooking options: half grill, full grill, full griddle, panini press, and contact grill. Its non-stick surface is made of cast-iron for maximum durability. After care is also easy as its components (plates and drip tray) is dishwasher safe. It also has an adjustable hinge for evenly cooking foods of various thicknesses. If you want to upgrade your griddler and cook waffles, you can buy them separately and used with this. You are assured of a high quality as it gets a three-year warranty.

But while this one is generally good, it has some cons. The fat drainage is not hundred-percent efficient. Also, you won’t be able to use it to create a top-melt sandwich. Moreover, this one does not have a built-in time and locking mechanism which other models typically feature.

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Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press

Breville BSG520XL Panini DuoThe Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo features a ribbed top plate and a flat bottom plate for fast, even cooking. It combines a grill-like finish and a flat press which makes it a very versatile panini press.

It is the top pick if you prefer a basic, budget-friendly model with reliable results and durability. It gets a floating hinge that you can adjust in four height settings. This Breville panini press folds up easily and can be stored upright so you don’t have to worry about storage.

Some negative reviews about this panini press is that it lacks on/off switch and temperature control. Add to that, the plates are fixed and not removal which can make cleaning a bit of a challenge.

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Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, Brushed Stainless

Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler DeluxeBest-selling panini press, the Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe is loved for a number of things. It has a rather quick warm up time thus ensures reduced cook time. This Cuisinart kitchen equipment features six cooking options (panini press, contact grill, top melt, full grill, half grill and half griddle).

Plus, it has two sear functions and two temperature controls which mean you can use it for a wide variety of recipes. The grilling surface is large and it can also be used for wide open grill. Its non-stick plates are reversible and removable. Aftercare should also be a breeze as it is dishwasher safe.

Although this grill is generally good, it has minor flaws and may not be perfect for everyone. Firstly, it doesn’t have LCD display functions found in other models. It also locks countdown timer that newer models now have. Another downside with this model is that its plates are limited to griddle and grill plates, unlike other models that offer several plates. There are also other complaints that the Teflon tend to rub off.

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George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

George Foreman GRP4842MBThe George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evove Grill gets a lot of great reviews from users. It features 3-in-1 function with panini, grill, and waffle cooking modes. If you love muffins, this model would delight you as it comes with a muffin pan and a deep baking dish. And it also has searing option. Guaranteed PFOA and PTFE free, the ceramic-coated grill plates make this model best.

Monitoring the temperature and time is also very easy as it has digital control panel. It also opens flat that enables you to grill vegetables, meat and fish on it. Cleaning it up shouldn’t be an issue as the plates are removable and dishwasher-safe.

Perhaps, the only negative review about the George Foreman Multi-Plate Evolve Grill is that it tends to be more expensive compared to other models. The additional waffle and griddle plates are also very costly. Others also point out that the user manual is lacking.

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George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press GRP472P

George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini PressIf you want to save a little, you should consider the George Foreman GRP472P. This model has a floating hinge that lets you cook tall burgers, sandwiches and other foods. It has all the classic features of contact grill, such as its simple on/off heating settings and its sloped cooking surface for easy draining of fat. But not like the classic grills, the plates of this model can be removed and cleaned up in the dishwasher.

Using this panini press is just as easy as plugging it in. Once the green indicate light is on, you can start grilling your sandwich or burger. There’s only one heat setting so no need to worry about adjusting it.

Being a pretty basic model, you’ll find that this panini press doesn’t have temperature adjustment which some might see as a problem. It also lacks display that will show timer and heat. But if you are just after a panini press that will get the job done without ripping your pocket, this should be it.

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T-fal SW6100 EZ panini press

T-fal SW6100One of the best things about the T-Fal SW6100 EZ is not only a panini press but also a waffle maker. Your purchase comes with two sets of interchangeable plates so you won’t have to clean it up every time you change sets. The plates are covered with T-Fal non-stick coating – and are removable so you can clean them up in the dishwasher.

This panini press has all the basic features you’ll likely need for making waffles or paninis. However, it also has some negative comments such as it doesn’t have timer or LCD display for temperature.

What it only has is a light indicator that tells you when it has heated up. Well, this T-Fal panini press costs a little less than your average Panini press. Make sure to consider these things when comparing it to the other models.

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Whether you’ll be using your panini press to create an Italian panini, or a grilled sandwich recipe, or grill veggies, meat or fish; you need to choose only the best. Look for the best panini press that has all the features you need. This will surely be a great addition to your kitchen and offers variety in your daily diet.

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