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Best Frying Pan for Eggs 2020

Research has shown that if you bake eggs for more than forty minutes, they would lose a lot of nutrients—almost 61% of their vitamin D. However, if you fry them or simply boil them, they only lose 18%. The fact is that cooking eggs would definitely reduce these nutrients, but eggs are still one of the richest sources of vitamins. So if you want to eat eggs in a healthy way, i [...]

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Best Rotary Cheese Grater Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Cheese is just irresistibly appetizing and any recipe with cheese on it is surely a huge hit! And it’s not surprising why most homeowners now have the best rotary cheese grater. Who doesn’t love cheese anyway? From cheese-laden pasta to pizza to a whole other bunch of cheese-infused recipes, everyone loves the taste of cheese as it melts in your mouth. What is a rotary [...]

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Best Chinese Cleaver – Buying Guide And Reviews 2020

So you are looking for the best Chinese cleavers? Well, Chinese cleavers are a special type of kitchen knives that are suitable for a full range of kitchen functions. But what sets them apart from other kitchen knives is that they work great for tasks that call for precision and accuracy. These knives are exceptionally sharp, versatile, durable, slip resistant, and has a stabl [...]

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5 Best Meat Injector Reviews 2020

It doesn’t matter whether the meat is marinated, rubbed, brined, cured or soaked in marinades or sauces, the flavor only gets so far into the meat. For truly enhanced chicken, beef, pork, turkey, or lamb, the best way of introducing great flavors into the meat is by injecting it. In order to get the best results you need to have the best meat injector. It’s the right way of [...]

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Which is the Best Masa Harina Substitute?

Masa Harina is a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine, particularly to make soups, corn tortillas and tamales. This fine and powdery substance is a corn meal product and is the flour used to make Mexican dishes. It is ground from hominy, which is corn that is boiled in water and lye or lime -- calcium hydroxide -- to remove the kernel from the hull. It can be pretty cumberso [...]

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Yogurt Maker Reviews and Shopping Guide 2020

Yogurt has gotten a lot more attention the past few years because of the health benefits including the nutrients that are found in dairy products. Yogurt contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B-12, and vitamin B2, plus the probiotics, which are the good bacteria which helps the digestive system process food. There are a lot of brands and flavors of yogurt on the marke [...]

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Best Vegetable Dicer – Shopping Guide and Reviews

What’s for dinner? Something from the frozen aisle in the supermarket? Or take out? But think about something that would hit the taste buds right – homemade lasagna, or maybe jambalaya, or some type of terrific Indian curry dish with a lot of great veggies. Unfortunately, all the veggies require a lot of chopping and dicing and the time it takes without the best vegetable d [...]

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Which is the Best Insulated Tumbler

Insulated tumblers seem to be one of the hottest items on the market today, and there are many brands available, and a variety of different styles. Insulated tumblers are containers, made of a variety of materials, which keeps beverages which are placed inside the container either hot or cold, and are durable, and spill-free. But which is the best insulated tumbler for your nee [...]

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